Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision not to take action over President Donald Trump’s controversial posts have fed up some of its employees.

As a sign of protest, employees took the day off work as a form of virtual protest, a person familiar with the plans told CNN Business.

Jason Stirman, a design manager at Facebook, tweeted that he disagreed with Zuckerberg’s decision to do “nothing” about Trump’s recent posts.

“I’m not alone inside of FB. There isn’t a neutral position on racism,” he wrote on his Twitter.

Andrew Crow, head of design for Facebook’s Portal devices, tweeted over the weekend “Giving a platform to incite violence and spread disinformation is unacceptable, regardless of who you are or if it’s newsworthy. “I disagree with Mark’s position and will work to make change happen.”

Katie Zhu, an Instagram employee, tweeted that she’s “deeply disappointed” and “ashamed” with “how the company is showing up in the world rn(right now).”


Zhu encouraged others who work for Facebook’s apps to join her and “organize,” while also sharing a screenshot of her paid time off status including the description #BlackLivesMatter.

A Facebook spokesperson told CNN Business: “We recognize the pain many of our people are feeling right now, especially our Black community. We encourage employees to speak openly when they disagree with leadership. As we face additional difficult decisions around content ahead, we’ll continue seeking their honest feedback.”

Facebook has been told by the company’s human resources department not to retaliate against staff who are planning to protest, or to make them used paid time-off, the source told CNN.

Facebook’s overall workforce of about 48,000, 


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