Phil Collins trended on Twitter on Friday morning, making some fans worry, he’s another victim to cancel culture

However, the reason is more mundane.

Two young YouTubers, Tim and Fred Williams, both 21-year-olds, listened to a Phil Collins song for the first time and were blown by it. 

Their reaction made it onto Twitter making Phil Collins’ name trend on the social media platform. 

The two decided to listen to Collins’ In the Air Tonight for their “First Time Hearing” segment on YouTube. 

The brothers began getting into the groove as soon as the music started. 

It seems that the two are liking the music as they continue listening to it. 

However, the twist came around the 4:56 mark of the video when Collin’s drum solo exploded. 

The twins were so surprised that they had to pause the song to comment on it. 

“That was cool, how you did that?” Fred Williams said in the video. “That was good,” he added.

Tim Williams on the other hand said, that, he’s never seen anyone drop the beat three minutes into the song. 

“He killed that, bro,” Fred Williams said towards the end of the song. 

The Truth About In the Air Tonight 

In the Air Tonight is Collin’s first single, released in 1981 and is arguably his most famous song due to its iconic drum solo, said Story of a Song.

Furthermore, the lyrics have always been a mystery to people, resulting in the creation of different stories about it. 

However, Collin’s already debunked previous stories about the song. 

In an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Collin’s revealed that the song’s lyrics are actually about divorce. 

People’s Reaction To The Twin’s Reaction

People who saw the twin’s reaction reacted positively in return. 

One Twitter user, American politician, Pam Keith, shared that the video made her “smile & laugh” and just feel “wonderful.”

“I have LOVED that Phil Collins song for decades,” she wrote. 

And like the men in the video, it also blew her away the first time she heard it, she added. 

Another user, Andrew Donaldson, a Veteran saw the twin’s reaction as something “good in the world.”  


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