Former One Direction member, and solo singer, Zayn Malik, and her girlfriend, Gigi Hadid announced the birth of their daughter on Wednesday. 

Malik posted a picture of his and his daughter’s hand along with a heartfelt message to her.

“Our baby girl is here,” Zayn wrote in his Twitter post on Wednesday. 

“Healthy and beautiful,” he added, talking about his daughter.

He also wrote his gratitude for having his daughter and shared that putting his feelings into words “might be an impossible task.”

“Grateful to know her,” he said, “and proud to call her mine,” he added.

On the other hand, Hadid posted her message for her daughter on her Instagram. 

“So in love,” she wrote. 

Recently, there have been rumors that Hadid has already given birth. 

However, her recent post made it clear that she gave birth during the weekend. 

Early this year, Victoria’s Secret model, Hadid, announced she and Malik are expecting a baby. 

In July, Malik shocked fans when he returned to social media after a hiatus.

He posted a selfie of himself. 

It was also all over the news that the two transferred to their apartment in New York.

On July 23, 2020, One Direction celebrated its 10th anniversary.

However, Malik was mum about it. 

Fans Welcome the Baby Too

Fans of the two celebrities are also excited after the news came out. 

Malik and One Direction fans congratulated the new mother and father celebrities. 

Twitter user Moni wrote that Malik and Hadid, “deserve every good and beautiful thing in the world.”

Some fans cannot help but reminisce about Malik’s journey from X-Factor, One Direction, Solo artist, and now a father. 

One Twitter user, Ujjwal said she “can’t believe” Malik has grown so much and wishes the new father “all the happiness” in the universe.


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