A trio of Zapatistas in front of their protest banner

On Columbus day, members of the Otomi community, who live as Zapatistas, from the Mexican countryside took over the INPI, (Instituto nacional de pueblos indigenas, translated as; the nation institute of indigenous peoples) building in the Xoco neighborhood of the nations capital, baring the slogan; 528 años de resistencia. (528 years of resistances). They were demanding to open a dialogue directly with the government and plan to occupy the building until their demands are met.

This is the second occupation that is happening in Mexico City in as many months, with the feminist group know as ‘El Bloque Negro’ taking over the CNDH (comision nacional de derechos humanos translated as the national commission for human rights).
One of the largest concerns for the Otomi community is the construction of the Tren Maya, which will cross the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatán and Quintana Roo. Theses states are where the vast majority of indigenous population live and won’t only destroy tens of thousands of miles of native wildlife, but could displace thousands of indigenous communities.

The Instituto Nacional De Los Pueblos Indicenas logo

This would not be the first time that the Mexican government will have displaced or at least tried to displace native populations. In 2006, in the state of Mexico, many farmers were forced out of their homes and off their land for the construction of a new airport in Atenco. The farmers were offered a very raw deal and if they did not take it, they were forced off their land by the military. On top of this, many reports of extreme violence, rape and murder were reported against the military. This is a a story we have seen before in Mexico’s long colorful history.

As we know, as an economic power, Mexico is rated 15th in the world, just behind Australia. Even so, Mexico is not a country with a super power army. We need to ask ourselves, are the neighbors to the North involved? The simple answer is a yes. Mexico has many resources that the United States of America use, the main one being oil. The U.S has and will always have a proverbial finger in the pie when it comes to Mexico and it’s resources.

In any case, a population of people who are tired of a lackluster government, and have had enough of their society normalizing things that should’ve died out in the 50’s is finally taking action. Mexico City has been bought kicking and screaming into 2020 with these 2 acts of rebellion.


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