FBI San Diego recently released a statement about a Saturday incident in Downtown San Diego. 

Videos of a woman in chains shouting “help” while running away from two undercover agents have been shared through social media since Saturday. 

The event happened during a protest in San Diego.

What Happened On Saturday

Two of the videos taken during the event were shared by the Twitter account, The Activated Podcast. 

In one video, two unidentified men chased the woman in shackles who ran to a crowd of protesters.

The two unidentified men, later identified as FBI agents, took hold of the woman, and then the crowd intervened. 

The crowd started pulling the two FBI agents away from the woman.

Later on, the video shows the woman having a seizure attack. 

Some people from the crowd started giving first aid to the woman while other people shielded her from the two agents.

One of the protesters can be heard saying “name and badge number” to the agents. 

However, no identifications were shown to the crowd. 

According to the Activated Podcast on the same day of the event, it looks like the two are “undercover officers.” 

However, through the whole ordeal, the two did not identify themselves as such.

FBI San Diego Statement

The matter is currently under investigation, as per the FBI. 

According to FBI San Diego, two of their agents “took custody of the woman” arrested by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. 

The arrest is based on an “outstanding federal arrest warrant” for felony and “conspiracy to distribute” drugs “related to a 2019 federal gang and narcotics case.” 

According to the statement, the woman escaped while the agents are waiting at the gate of the Western Region Detention Center near an “unrelated protest.”

That is when the events on the videos started. 

According to the FBI, the agents were able to take hold of the woman.

However, people began to “interfere”, and they were “immediately surrounded by the crowd.”

At some point, “the woman appeared to become distressed” and people began rendering aid while encircling the woman and blocking the agents. 

The agents returned to their car “to deescalate the situation.”

Later on, there came additional help, and the agents assisted in transporting the woman “to a local hospital.”


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