A woman in Colorado was thrown out of a liquor store after refusing to wear a mask in public. 

Ruby Musso uploaded a video of her interaction with employees and customers of the liquor store, Molly’s Spirits. 

It was not a good sight. 

The Video

The video, titled “Pandemic Freakout” has now garnered more than 5,000 comments from Reddit users, said a Westword report. 

It started with Musso saying, “Let’s record now.”

In the whole video, it was evident that a lot of people in the store have been asking Musso to wear her mask. 

However, Musso was defiant about it. 

One of the women in the video was outraged and pushed her cart towards Musso. 

However, one of the store’s staff stopped her from hurting Musso.

“Please leave the f—-ng store!” the woman said. 

Musso replied, “that’s harassment, I’m filing charges.” 

After a staff stopped her from hurting Musso, the woman then moved on and flipped a finger at her. 

Other bystanders who were also filmed by Musso condemned her actions. 

The woman pushing the cart “almost physically threatened” her, she said. 

However, one bystander retorted, saying that, Musso is the one threatening everyone, “by not wearing a mask”.

After some time, the owner of the liquor store went out of his office to calmly tell Musso to leave the store. 

“Ma’am leave the store,” he said.

Musso also kept on insisting that the store owner and the staff do not know the law. 

“You guys have no idea what legislature process is,” she said. 

Towards the end of the video, Musso can be heard saying, that she did nothing, “but not wear a mask”.

“Look at all these Nazis in Nazi America. Nazi America! Oh my God, I love it!” she said. 

Later, Mosso told KDVR that she suffers from anxiety attacks whenever she wears a mask. 

Molly’s Spirits Facebook Statement

The liquor store posted in their Facebook a statement about the event. 

Molly’s implemented policies and procedures to make the place safer, they said. 

For example, expanded delivery service, social distancing and the requirement of wearing a mask.

Moreover, the store provides masks to people who arrive without one.

Colorado Law On Wearing Masks 

All Colorado citizens, ages 10 and up are now required to wear their masks, as per Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ orders. 

Colorado reported 38, 726 COVID-19 cases and 1,615 deaths due to it, as per the Colorado government’s data. 


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