Keyon Harrold next to a screengrab of their attacker

A woman is now under fire after attacking a Black teenager in Arlo SoHo, New York. The teenager is also the son of a famous Jazz musician, Keyon Harrold. 

Harrold posted the video of the incident on his Instagram two days ago. 

According to Harrold, the woman in the video “assaulted” both him and his 14-year old son. They were on their way to breakfast then. 

Apparently, the lady “lost” her iPhone and went on to accuse the musician’s son of taking it, “which is merely ridiculous” says Harrold. 

Harrold then went on and described what the woman did to them. According to him, the woman scratched him and tackled and grabbed his son. 

In the video, the woman can also be seen urging the manager to take the phone before attacking the boy.

After the woman’s urging, the manager, told the boy to show him the phone. However, the boy keeps on saying, “this is my phone.” 

According to Harrold, the manager’s action empowered the woman. Also, he pointed out that she was not even a guest during the time the Harrolds were in the hotel. 

Finally, after the incident, an Uber driver “magically” returned the woman’s iPhone. However, both the father and son didn’t get any apologies from the woman and the hotel’s management. 

The woman's face briefly shown on video

The Public Condemns the Woman and the Management

The next day, the hotel posted a statement about the incident. According to the statement, “Arlo Hotels” was “deeply disheartened” by the incident. They also said that the manager “promptly” called the police during the incident. 

However, it won’t appease the public who have sided with Harrold. In fact, numerous people have replied to the post and demanded the hotel to fire the manager.

Furthermore, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has joined the voices condemning the act. 

He wrote on Twitter, “this is racism. Plain and simple.”

Civil Rights attorney, Ben Crump, condemns what the woman did and demands to file a lawsuit against her. In fact, he is now representing the family. 

He has also called for the Manhattan DA to charge the woman for “assault and battery.” 


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