The featured image is Ninetndo Switch and Ocarina of Time. The purpose is to emphasize the key focus of the article and that is the rumor that Ocarina of Time is going back to Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda fans are speculating that a remake of the famous Zelda game, Ocarina of Time, might make a comeback on Nintendo Switch. 

The rumor started after Twitter user Kelios, webmaster at Pokekalos, posted information on the trademark registration of the game.

Nintendo has a new trademark registration for the Ocarina of Time in Australia and Europe, Kelios wrote in its post. 

The news left fans speculating on what the trademark re-registration means. 

One Twitter user suspects the Ocarina of Time registration means new releases from the Legend of Zelda franchise. 

Either an addition to Nintendo Amiibo or the original N64 game finally coming to Nintendo Switch. 

One person replied to the original post, saying, trademarks don’t usually mean anything. 

To which, Kelios replied and explained. 

“New” means that the company is “working on something related” like games or clothes. 

Legend of Zelda’s 35th anniversary next year, added to the rumors.

Just last month, Nintendo announced the release of Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch. 

However, rumors of a Mario classics’ re-release for its 35th anniversary have been going around since March this year. 

This is the reason why some fans think the new trademark registration might mean something huge for the franchise.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Despite fans’ huge speculations on Nintendo’s registration of the game, the reason might not be as grand. 

It might be something “mundane,” as per a Lad Bible report

It does not necessarily mean a game remaster or re-release. 

Don’t Fret Yet

Whatever the new trademark registration might mean, The Legend of Zelda fans are still winning.

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo last year (E3 2019), Nintendo announced a new game for the Nintendo Switch. 

According to the E3 2019 announcement, Nintendo is developing the 2017 Legend of Zelda game, Breath of Wild for Switch. 


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