The attached file has a background of oats. The reason is that the article focuses on the death of Wilford Brimley, Quaker Oats pitchman.

Wilford Brimley, Quaker Oats pitchman, “The Natural” and “Cocoon” actor, died at the age of 85.

Lynda Bensky, the actor’s manager, said he died on a Saturday morning in a Utah hospital.

Brimley undergone dialysis and several medical issues, she added.

He was a Utah native, born on September 27, 1934.

The guy was a ranch hand and horse trainer before finding fame.

His career in Holywood started in the late 1960s as a stuntman.

His Love For Music

Undeniably, this guy is multi-talented.

He was a singer and musician, and has released albums including “This Time, the Dream’s On Me” and “Wilford Brimley with the Jeff Hamilton Trio.”

Craig Ferguson interviewed him in 2011, and during the interview, the actor played a rendition of “Oh, Susannah.”

Brimley’s Familiar Face

This mustached guy was known for some roles.

Brimley had a role as a blacksmith on “The Waltons” and prime-time series “Our House.”

He played as a grizzled baseball manager in “The Natural.”

Also, Brimley was seen in “Brubaker” and “The Electric Horseman.”

He was best known in “Cocoon.”

In that movie, Brimley was part of the seniors who discover aliens and, in return, gain youthful rejuvenation.

The film won two Academy Awards, and he became part of its sequel, “Cocoon: The Return,” in 1988.

Quaker Oats Pitchman

The logo of Quaker Oatmeal was added because Brimley was the brand's pitchman.
Quaker Oats

This guy was also known as Quaker Oats pitchman in a series of commercials in the ’80s and ’90s.

“It’s the right thing to do,” his catchphrase, won Advertising Age’s Star Presenter of 1988 award and was credited with helping boost sales by $100 million in a year.

In recent years, he appeared in a series of diabetes spots making him, at one point, into a social media sensation.

Always Be Remembered

Bensky said in a statement, “Wilford Brimley was a man you could trust.”

“He said what he meant and he meant what he said.”

His manager ended, “He was one of a kind.”


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