Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey recently made news after claiming ignorance, and poor decisions as to the main cause of obesity worldwide, per an extensive interview with the New York Times on Thursday.

The Whole Foods founder is known for his moral views on capitalism. 

According to the Whole Foods CEO, his company has “opened up stores in poor areas” and saw what the people chose.  

People make “poor choices,” Mackey said.

“Mostly due to ignorance.” 

Access to better and healthier options is not the problem, but the market demand, the CEO explained in the interview. 

According to him, people need to become “wiser” on their “food choices” so that the market will provide it. 

“The whole world is getting fat,” the CEO claims. 

Moreover, at the forefront of this movement are Americans.

“We’re getting fat, and we’re getting sicker.”

America, according to ProCon, is number 12 when it comes to the country with the most obese in the world. 

The Whole Foods CEO also shared that COVID deaths in the country are connected to people’s obesity. 

The USA, according to the CEO, has high cases of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease that affects COVID-19 deaths. 

Moreover, it has the highest reported cases and deaths due to COVID-19, per Johns Hopkins data. 

The CEO also talked about topics on inequality, business, and Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods. 

Tech giant Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2017.

Mackey also earned backlash in the past for his take on some social issues. 

For example, he is against unions and does not think, healthcare is an intrinsic right for people. 

People Found the Remarks Classist

Whole Foods founder’s views on access to healthy food did not sit well for many people. 

Many people found the statement “out of touch” and “classist.” 

Twitter users criticized the CEO’s statement and pointed out that Whole Foods’ food price is exorbitant for a normal citizen.

Some even joked about some people referring to Whole Foods as ‘”Whole Paychecks” says another Twitter User.

Another user also disagrees with the CEO connecting food choice to obesity and COVID-19 cases. 

According to Twitter user Rabbi Emily Cohen, “perhaps COVID deaths are higher in the US because” the country does not have “adequate healthcare” and many people think “the virus is a hoax.” 


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