The White House, during a Press Conference on Monday morning, declined to comment on US President Donald Trump’s views about the action of Kyle Rittenhouse during protests last week in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

The question, “Does the president condemn the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse?”, was directed to the White House’s Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, by a journalist whom attended the conference.

“The president is not going to—weigh in on that,” McEnany answered. 

However, McEnany added that Trump might “weigh-in” on the topic further and hinted on a possible evening press conference with Trump himself. 

“You can ask him this evening,” answered McEnany. 

Another journalist followed up on why the President liked a tweet saying the “alleged” shooter is “a good example” of why a person will vote for Trump. 

To which the Press Secretary answered, “he just wanted to bring some attention” to the details that are not much well known. 

To wrap up the questions on Trump and his view on Rittenhouse, McEnany said, Trump “roundly condemns violence in all its forms.” 

Rittenhouse, the seventeen-year-old teen who bought an Assault Rifle during protests in Kenosha is now facing multiple charges for killing two protesters and injuring one last week. 

The Tweet In Question

The tweet was also retweeted by Donald Trump Jr, on Friday.

The man who wrote the tweet in question, an American journalist, Tim Pool, calls Rittenhouse “a good example” of why he “decided to vote for Trump.” 

Furthermore, Pool also included other reasons why he had made his decision. 

According to him, “violent extremists” were destroying lives for months, the media lied about Trump’s deployment of “secret police”, and that Democrats have “rejected Federal” help every time “Trump offered it.”

Pool the went on and included other information justifying Rittenhouse’s actions on the night of the shooting. 

According to Pool, Rittenhouse was “threatened and shot at.”


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