According to a white evangelist, Micah Schouten, Donald Trump is “absolutely” not a man of integrity, but he is a man that stands up for moral Christian values. 

Like other white evangelists, they believe that Trump can protect their way of living and not become “the” minority. 

White evangelists from Sioux Center, Iowa have supported Trump since 2016 after he gave a 67-minute speech.

Most media outlets have circulated an infamous line in which Trump says that he has the most loyal people and even if he were to shoot somebody, he wouldn’t lose any voters. 

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” Trump said.

But in their closely-knit community, they picked up a message that some did not bother to listen to…

They Listened Because They Felt Heard

“Christianity will have power,” said Trump. 

He promised them that if he wins, they will have somebody representing them “very, very well. Remember that.”

Mr. Schouten’s friend, Jason Mulder, said that he is not saying Trump is even Christian but “he just doesn’t attack us,”.

During Obama’s tenure, most of the people in the Sioux community felt alienated from the progressive or non-traditional policies that he was pushing for such as LGBTQ rights, reproductive healthcare, and gun control.

Caryn, Mr. Schouten’s wife said that “I do not love Trump. I think Trump is good for America as a country. I think Trump is going to restore our freedoms, where we spent eight years, if not more, with our freedoms slowly being taken away under the guise of giving freedoms to all,”

She said that she felt it was “dangerous” to voice out one’s Christianity during the Obama presidency.

She said that suddenly, white believers were reduced as bigots or racists. 

This coming election, they say that it will be easier to vote for him because he delivered. 

Another infamous moment went round in mainstream media, Trump’s photo-op at St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Peaceful protesters were tear-gassed and shot at with rubber bullets just to get him there. 

What they saw was Trump holding a bible (upside down) for all of America to see.

Donald Trump

“Trump was standing up for Christianity,” said Mr. Schouten.


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