Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler, accused US President Donald Trump of creating “hate and vitriol” in the United States during a Sunday press conference held on Sunday. 

The press conference is launched by the local government of Portland to address the events of the Saturday shooting in Portland. 

According to Wheeler, Trump brings “no peace” and “no respect” to US democracy. 

“You, Mr. President, need to do your job as the leader of this nation,” Wheeler said.

“And I—will do my job as the mayor of this city”.

Wheeler also added that the two of them “will be held accountable” as they should. 

Wheeler went on to condemn Trump’s past actions relating to the current unrest in the country. 

According to him, Trump has “created the hate and the division” in the country by not saying the names of “Black people” killed by the police and elevating “white supremacists” as good people. 

On Saturday, an altercation between Trump and Black Lives Matter protesters resulted in the death of one person, Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

Trump’s Twitter Tirade

Image Credit To: New York Times

Trump has been tweeting and retweeting about Portland and Wheeler since the reports about Danielson, the Trump supporter who died during a protest in Portland made its round in the media.  

First, he accuses Wheeler of not leading and speaking “out against crime”, and calls him a “Wacky Radical Lefto Do Nothing Democrat Mayor of Portland.” 

In another tweet, Trump claims that Portland has been “a mess” for years now. 

“If this joke of a mayor doesn’t clean it up,” he added, “we will go in and do it for them!” 

On Sunday, Trump also retweeted a tweet remembering Danielson, and wrote, “Rest in Peace Jay!”

Portland Shooting Findings So Far

On Saturday, a Trump supporter caravan went to Portland and clashed with Black Lives Matter protesters. 

Joey Gibson, the founder of Patriot Prayer, a right-wing group based in Portland identified the victim as Danielson, a supporter of the group, as per a KUSI report. 

The Portland Police also reported confrontations and “violence” between the groups which prompted the authorities to intervene and make “arrests.”

There were no suspects on the incident yet, said the police as per a CNN report.


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