Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology warns of heavy rains on New South Wales, southern Queensland, and northern Victoria this weekend. 

Southern Australia

The city of Adelaide will experience chilly weather this week. 

Heavy rainfall is also expected for the northern and eastern parts of the city. The bureau predicts as much as 12-25mm of rainfall.

If the city continues to stay below 9 Celsius, it will be its coldest day on record.  

The Flinders Ranges experienced snowfall Thursday night. Locals reported a morning greeted by a blanket of snow. 

Western Australia

Western Australia will be hit by a huge cold front early hour of Sunday. If the bureau’s predictions are correct, 45mm of rainfall will hit Perth.

The city together with the southwestern and midwestern parts of the state could be soaked in a month’s worth of rainfall in four days.  

New South Wales

The cold front’s landfall will be at 1 am Sunday and will rage on until 5 am (ACST).

Heavy rainfall is expected to fall on Perth’s first three days of the week, 35mm on Monday and up to 10mm on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

It is a rare occurrence for the city to experience heavy rain and storms for several days, even in winter. 


Melbourne will experience a chilly and rainy weekend. Temperature drop at around 15 Celsius on Saturday. 

The Alpine areas may experience damaging winds of up to 70kp, with gusts above 90kph. 

A severe weather warning was issued to Falls Creek, Frankston, Geelong, Mt. Buller, Portland, the Mornington Peninsula, the Otway Ranges, the Surf Coast, and Warrnambool.


Up to 15mm of rain is on the forecast for Brisbane on Friday with a top of 24 Celsius, warming to 25 Celcius on Saturday.

Southern and central Queensland has been warned to brace for the effects of the severe thunderstorm.

Warnings have been issued to the Darling Downs and East Maranoa/Warrego districts.

Aside from damaging winds, potential hail, and heavy rains, the residents are warned of flash flooding.

Some areas are predicted to receive their August average rainfall in just one day.


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