Conservative author, Candace Owens beside Harry Styles

Fans and other celebrities defended Harry StylesVogue Magazine shoot against conservative pundit Candace Owens comments against him.

On Saturday, Owens posted a tweet against “the steady feminization” of men and claims it has a connection to Marxism.

Her comment came after Vogue Magazine revealed Harry Styles Vogue photos. 

She also wrote, “there is no society that can survive without strong man,” and added that the East knows that well. 

“Bring back manly man,” she added. 

Another conservative personality, Ben Shapiro, tweeted his agreement with Owens saying, “this is perfectly obvious.” 

Shapiro added in a linked tweet that “boys are taught” masculinity in different cultures because men’s role is “not always the same” with women. 

Styles, known for his flamboyant style, is the first man to have graced American Vogue’s cover.

In a recent Vogue publication, he donned different feminine clothes and commented “playing” with them create “so much joy.”

Also, it becomes an extension of “creating something,” he said. 

Stars and Fans Don’t Think So 

Fans of Styles and other stars defended his Vogue photoshoot.

Lord of the Rings actor, Elijah Wood, replied to Owens saying she might have “missed the definition of what a man is.” 

Olivia Wilde told Owens she’s “pathetic.” 

Wilde is currently working with Styles on a film.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 winner, Bob the Drag Queen, pointed out that different society survives because “no society is a monolith.” 

Bob also added societies thrive through various “contributions from various demographics.” 

Opinion: What’s a Strong Man? 

A few shots from Styles' Cover shoot

Various societies from different parts of history have their definition or no definition at all of what or how a man should be. 

So in defining what a strong man is, clothes, even actions, are not enough to explain how it should be. 

In some Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, or even China, we could see a lot of men gearing towards a more feminine look or bearing compared to the standards of the West. 

However, those dash of femininity does not imply they are less of a man, in whatever sense a man should be. 


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