Chinese vlogger, Lamu, poses for some of her last moments alive

Lamu, a Chinese vlogger, followed by hundreds of thousands on Douyin, China’s TikTok, died September 30 after her estranged ex-husband splashed her with gas and set her on fire, per BBC.

The 30-year-old vlogger from the Sichuan Province gained fame for her lively and rustic posts on Douyin.

Many of her followers also praised her for not wearing makeup in her videos that gather millions of likes. 

According to Beijing Youth Daily, a state media, Lamu’s screen turned black after she began live-streaming on September 14.

Lamu’s account was inactive for two days before her sister, Zhuoma, posted about the attack, Daily Mail reported.

90 Percent Burn and Two Weeks’ Tenacity

Her former spouse, Mr. Tang, so the story goes, broke into her house armed with a cleaver and gasoline.

She sustained burns on 90 percent of her body after her ex assaulted her.

The vlogger was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital for further treatment.

Lamu’s relatives asked her followers for financial help that resulted in more than $147,300(one million yuan) raised in just a day, according to The Paper.

Unfortunately, the severe burns ultimately led to her demise two weeks after the attack.

Husband showing signs of abuse towards his wife

The Notorious Ex-husband 

The state paper reports that her former husband, Mr. Tang, tends to be violent towards Lamu, the Independent reported.

The couple has two kids and after their divorce in May, each gained custody of one child.

Not long after that, Mr. Tang allegedly threatened to kill one child if Lamu does not remarry him, according to the state paper.

The vlogger then remarried him but ended up running away from him.

As a result, her former husband reportedly attacked Lamu’s sister after she refused to reveal the vlogger’s whereabouts.

Relatives claim that the police did nothing even after the incident was reported.


Lamu’s case has sparked conversations on social media about violence against women in China, according to BBC.

More than 70 million people used the above hashtag with reference to the vlogger’s death, reported Independent.

China saw an enormous increase in domestic abuse cases reported to police in February during the pandemic lockdown compared to the previous year.


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