The featured image is Vice-President Joe Biden. The purpose is that an anti-Trump ad urges Michigan citizens to vote for Biden this November election.

An anti-Trump ad became viral on Twitter on Monday morning along with the hashtag, #DearMichigan. 

MeidasTouch, a political organization, created the video and urged people to trend the hashtag on Twitter. 

The video was viewed for more than 800,000 times now since it was posted on Twitter.

“If we win Michigan, it’s a wrap,” they wrote. 

The organization also encourages people to vote for Presidential aspirant, Joe Biden. 

MeidasTouch was founded by the Meiselas brothers, who are passionate about “democracy and justice,” as per its website. 

According to the organization’s website, MeidasTouch reimagines “progressive ideals” in the “digital age.”


The organization urged people to send a message to Michigan, “bring back America.”

Biden told a group of people, “Michigan, I’m counting on you in a big way,” at the start of the video. 

The video also showed a clip of US President Donald Trump saying the coronavirus is “a new hoax.”

In contrast, the video shows Biden during his campaign speech in Michigan.

Clips from different news providers reporting about COVID-19 were also in the video, along with issues surrounding Trump during the pandemic. 

On Trump And Michigan

At some point in the video, Trump calls Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, “the woman in Michigan.” 

Trump uttered these words during a press briefing in March. 

According to him, he directed Vice President, Mike Pence, to not call Whitmer and Governor Jay Inslee of Washington. 

This is after some Democrat governors asked for aid and medical equipment to aid their response to coronavirus. 

Trump blames the governors and told them to be “appreciative.” 

Trump narrowly won against his former Presidential rival, Hilary Clinton in Michigan during the 2016 Presidential Election. 

However, a recent survey by the Morning Consult shows that Trump is trailing behind Biden in the Michigan State. 

Other states where he is trailing behind Biden are Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia. 


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