The Vienna police investigating the crime scene

At 8 PM Monday before the nationwide curfew, several gunmen, including an “Islamist” supporter with North Macedonian and Austrian citizenship, killed and injured people in Vienna, the Guardian reported.

Last Hours Of Freedom Turned Last Moments Before Death, Some Stuck

CNN reported Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s Chancellor, said on Tuesday that the civilian victims include an elderly man, an elderly woman, a young passer-by, and a waitress. 

Vienna authorities took 14 people into custody in relation to the attack.

The police also investigated 18 properties, CNN reported.

Multiple gunmen started shooting at 6 locations in Vienna, one is near a synagogue according to initial reports, per CNN.

Residents who tried to enjoy the last hours of freedom before the nationwide lockdown didn’t know it would be their last moment.

Thomas Mayer, the editor of Der Standard, told  Al Jazeera that the huge area of Vienna is now fenced off and that police are all over the place. 

The issue: there are so many” individuals who showed up at “restaurants and bars” pre-lockdown, the Der Standard editor said.

However, these people “cannot go home” now, Mayer added.

A CCTV screengrab of the attacker

Dual Citizen Choose to Sympathize With ISIS 

In addition, the Vienna police shot one of the gunmen, a 20-year-old dual citizen, per Al Jazeera.

Kujtim Fejzulai, one of the belligerents, tried to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State group, ISIS. 

In April 2019, Fejzulai received a sentence of 22 months behind bars.

The government in December, however, granted parole to Fejzulai due to juvenile law.

Karl Nehammer, the Austrian Interior Minister, spoke at a media conference on Tuesday, CNN reported.

A person who is radicalized “IS a sympathizer,” Nehammer said.

The Interior Minister, without a doubt, refers to the terrorist group ISIS. 

Nehammer said that the gunman during the attack was wearing a bogus explosive belt.

Austrian authorities concluded that the shooting is an “Islamist” attack.


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