A german police line beside the woods where the body was found

Authorities arrested a murder suspect, Stefan R, after sniffer dogs led investigators to his apartment in Berlin, according to Daily Mail.

German daily, Berliner Morgenpost, reported that police found traces of a cannibal victim’s blood at the apartment after forensic tests, per Daily Mail.

A Proclivity For Cannibalism 

Stefan R, a German school teacher, allegedly murdered and later on, consumed his victim’s remains, reports Daily Mail. 

BBC reports that during investigations, authorities cannot reveal the last names of the suspect and victim, both named Stefan, per German privacy laws. 

Daily Mail quoted prosecutors’ office spokesman, Martin Steltner as saying Stefan R had an interest in cannibalism.

Authorities also revealed that the 41-year-old suspect had browsed cannibalism-related forums online.

Not to mention, investigators have obtained chat logs between the suspect and victim on a gay dating website.

The suspect, as yet, abstained from answering questions, reports Daily Mail.

A german police line wrapped around a tree

A Walk In The Park

Park strollers found the bones in early November in Buch, a northern municipality of Berlin, BBC reported.

Forensic specialists identified the bones as those of Stefan T, a 44-year-old man from East Berlin who went missing two months ago.

The electrical mechanic did not disclose to his flatmates where he was going on September 5, per Daily Mail.

His flatmates, later on, reported him as missing.

Stefan R’s procedure is reminiscent of Armin Meiwes’ butchering and eating of a voluntary victim, Bernd Brandes, in 2001.

Meiwes made known on the internet that he was seeking a “young well-built man, who wanted to be eaten.”

He got a response from Bernd Brandes, a manager with Siemens in Berlin with dark masochistic fantasies, per Daily Mail.

Meiwes then got charged with murder for the intent of sexual pleasure and with “disturbing the peace of the dead.”

If the suspect’s lawyers can prove that the cannibalistic act was done consensually, the judges will “follow precedent.”


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