During the pandemic, there has been an enormous demand for toilet paper, and the retailers made efforts to meet the demands by buying up foreign brands, particularly Mexican labels, Associated Press (AP) reported. 

Foreign Brands On The Shelves

All over the US, Safeway, 7-Eleven, CVS, and other major chains are now carrying offshore brands.

In New York, the CVS of late has been selling Regio, Hoteles Elite, and Daisy Soft which are Mexican brands.

Petalo, another Mexican brand occupied the Piggly Wiggly shelves in Wisconsin.

The same aforementioned brands are also being sold in a Safeway Supermarket in California.

Not to mention, chamomile-scented, Spanish-labeled, Vogue.

Shoppers Did A Double Take 

Toilet papers are dirt-cheap in the US, that’s why there was never a need to import them, AP said.

So, consumers did a double-take when they saw unconventional brands on shelves alongside familiar labels.

Oliver Olsen, a former state representative of Vermont, had to take a closer look at a Hannaford supermarket in Londonderry.

“It really just jumped out at me,” said Olsen.

What he saw in the aisles were rolls of Vogue and Delsey from Mexico,

Cashmere from Canada, and King Blue from Trinidad and Tobago.

Olsen added that he was unaware of “any of these” brands.

Those shelves were previously occupied by household brands like Charmin and Cottonelle.

You Can’t Afford To Be Picky These Days

In abundant times, “American consumers” are very finicky, says Erika Marsillac.

Marsillac is an associate professor specializing in supply chain management at Old Dominion University in Virginia, AP reported.

On the other hand, when the aisles are “running low or empty” you’ll make do with “whatever” is available, the professor added.

Some Buyers Are Left With No Choice

Jennifer Jackson, a lawyer, ordered Cottonelle’s aloe-infused variety from the Texas supermarket chain H-E-B’s website.

However, it was out of stock.

Jackson realized that the store swapped it to Vogue when she picked up her order.

The flowery smell was “kind of fun,” but it wasn’t as thick.

The lawyer said that Vogue sort of “falls apart” as it is “so thin.”

The Austin resident added that it will cause problems “in the bathroom.”


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