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US Allies Condemn the Capitol Riot

Scenes from the Pro-Trump riot from the Capitol building

Pro-Trump protesters violently stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday to block Joe Biden’s certification as the new president. After seeing different footage of the event, allies expressed shock and condemned the chaos that had happened. 

For example, long-time US ally Britain, through its Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, called the event “disgraceful.” Johnson said that the US “stands for democracy” worldwide and pointed out the importance of a “peaceful and orderly” transition of power. Another European ally, Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, felt sad and angry, per NPR. According to her, in a democracy, there are winners and losers after the elections. In fact, it is the responsibility of both parties to secure that democracy through “decency.” She also regrets the fact that US President Trump has not admitted his defeat from November until the chaos in Capitol. 

Another ally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, condemns the violence and lawlessness. However, he is hopeful that “American democracy will prevail” and added, “it always has.” 

USA’s neighbor to the north, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, was also hopeful “everything will return to normal” soon. According to him, he has strong faith in the strong democratic institutions of America. 

Meanwhile, enemies of the US seem to take pleasure in the incident. 

Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, called western democracy fragile, and Trump a “sick person,” per CNN.

Another country that is not on good terms with the Trump administration, China, mocks the incident. 

In fact, CCP’s Youth League posted a picture of the riot and called it “a beautiful sight,” per Variety. 

Trump Promises an “Orderly Transition” Through Dan Scavino’s Twitter

After the chaos that has erupted in the US Capitol, Trump released a statement that Dan Scavino, White House Deputy Chief of Staff, posted on Twitter.

Trump has his Twitter and Facebook accounts suspended by both platforms. 

After months of not acknowledging his defeat, he finally announced, “there will be an orderly transition on January 20th.” 

For the past two months, Trump has continuously made baseless accusations of election fraud. However, federal courts and agencies have repeatedly said the election was secured. 



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