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The United States accused China of using the UN meeting on Thursday and Friday to push Chinese propaganda, Reuters reported. 

Various heads of state, government, and ministers are due to make their pre-recorded statements for the meeting. 

Moreover, those who will pre-record their statements include the US secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Alex Azar, and China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi.

In November, the General Assembly voted on a resolution authorizing the two-day meeting on December.

However, according to Reuters, an anonymous US official told them the meeting should have been held earlier. 

However, China “pre-engineered” it to serve its purposes. 

China will use the opportunity to launch its propaganda for the next two days, says the official. 

In fact, the meeting would restrict questions during its panel discussions, the anonymous official added.

However, Reuters reported that a Chinese spokesperson for the UN mission said the US is politicizing the issue.

The spokesperson added the politicizing is not for the best interest of the international community. 

Earlier this year, US President Donald Trump cut its funding for the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN’s specialized agency for global health issues. 

The Trump administration also threatens to leave the international body and claims the WHO is kowtowing to China. 

A UN Meeting

The Virus Did Not Come From China, Says China

China, who first reported the first human to human infection of COVID-19, was able to curb its virus infections a few months ago. 

Since then, China has been working with the international community and the WHO to fight the virus.

However, it has also been pointing fingers at other countries alleging the virus did not originate from China.

For example, just recently, a Chinese Academy of Sciences team argues the virus came from India and traveled to China through contaminated water.

Zeng Guan, China’s chief epidemiologist, shared the possibility of the virus originating from Europe is quite convincing.

One, because the virus hit European countries such as Italy and Spain the hardest during its onset. Two, the genetic sequencing of the virus strain in China highly resembles the one found in Europe.


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