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UPS Worker, Fired After Caught Saying Racist Stuff on Camera

A screenshot of the incident next to a ups van

A man wearing the United Parcel Service (UPS) uniform was caught on camera saying expletives and racist stuff during the holidays. Now, a UPS representative told NBC News that they fired him from his job. 

The house’s doorbell camera captured the video on December 17, a few days before Christmas. The man was delivering a package to a Latino household in Milwaukee when he started ranting in front of the house.

Shirley Aviles, mother of the house’s owner then, uploaded the video on Facebook. However, the sharer decided to hide her post from the public. 

The man in the video said, “now you don’t get f***ng nothing cause you’re a stupid m*****er who can’t read and write and speak the f***ng English language.”

Moreover, the NBC decided to hide the name of the UPS employee for his own security.

Deep-Seated Hate Triggered by a Name

Forward Latino, a Latino advocacy group, held a press conference on Tuesday on behalf of the house owners. According to NBC News, the advocacy group launched the press conference after UPS failed to respond multiple times. 

According to Forward Latino president, Darryl Morin, the name on the package is the only information the driver could see. It also served as a trigger for the UPS worker’s “deep-seated hate.”

Moreover, according to NBC News, per the digital log from the doorbell camera provider, the UPS worker did not show any sign of ringing the doorbell when he delivered the package. 

This fact was reiterated by Aviles, who uploaded the video. According to her, she did not get the package. “It’s just sad,” she said.

UPS Responds

UPS senior manager of media relations, Matthew O’Connor, said the company has already contacted the family and offered their deepest apologies, per Ampgoo. 

According to his email, UPS is “fully committed to diversity, justice, and inclusion.” 

He also said that there’s no place for “racism, bigotry, or hatred” in any community. 

However, Aviles said that the incident is more than just saying “sorry” and firing the guy who said racist stuff in front of their house. 

According to her, it’s about the things people do when they think no one’s watching them. 

Aviles said that it’s “scary” when you see the real face of those people. 



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