#Treatharrywithkindness has trended because of Harry Style's discomfort

Fans of the former member of the popular British boy group, One Direction, Harry Styles, trended the hashtag #TreatHarryWithKindness after pictures of him looking uncomfortable trended online.

Styles’ fans defended him and trended the hashtag to discourage people from disrespecting the artist’s privacy. 

Moreover, along with other recent solo pictures of Styles, one of them is with other people, which fans alleged are stalkers. 

As it turns out, some fans did their own digging themselves and found out that the people in the picture with Styles have been allegedly stalking him since 2012. 

The Watermelon Sugar singer, however, did not say anything about the incident. 

A homeless man has been sending unsolicited letters to Harry Style's home last year

What His Fans Say

Twitter user Annamae Supports You, includes the recent pictures of Styles, looking uncomfortable in front of the camera in their Twitter post. 

“Put yourself in Harry’s shoes!” she wrote. 

She added, “you wouldn’t feel safe or comfortable at all…You’d feel nervous and upset.”

Lastly, she encourages everyone to treat Styles with kindness through respecting his privacy.

Many fans also alleged that one of those who took his pictures has been “stalking Harry for years” only to get his signature on vinyl and sell them. 

Some fans also compared pictures of Styles with fans and with alleged stalkers to show the difference. 

Not the First Stalker Incident

Last year, a homeless man was found guilty of stalking the Adore You singer outside his apartment. 

Everything started after Styles gave the man, Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, food after he saw him sleeping outside his house. 

According to the former One Direction singer, per BBC, Styles was “sad to see someone so young” homeless, so he bought him food. 

However, after the singer tried to cut contact with Tarazaga-Orero, he started receiving notes and money in his letterbox. 

Styles described the man’s behavior as “erratic and frightening” per BBC. 


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