Twitter founder Jack Dorsey shared on Twitter that staff had a tough day due to hacking attacks on some high profile Twitter users on Wednesday.

“Tough day for us at Twitter,” he wrote. “We all feel terrible this happened”.

Dorsey also informed Twitter users that they are investigating what happened. 

Dorsey ended his tweet with a message of gratitude to the staff. 

Jack Dorsey

What Happened?

Twitter was invaded by hackers on Wednesday and attacked Twitter accounts of high profile users, such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Joe Biden. 

Their accounts were targeted for a bitcoin scam. 

The accounts posted a message urging users to send bitcoin to a specific address. 

The tweets are now deleted from Twitter. 

Twitter Findings So Far

Later that same day, Twitter Support posted findings from Twitter’s initial investigation about the incident. 

Twitter detected what they “believe to be a coordinated social engineering attack,” they wrote. 

The attack targeted Twitter employees with “access” to its “internal systems and tools”. 

After detecting the attacks, Twitter was quick to lock the accounts, affected by the attack. 

Twitter has now created steps to “limit access” to its “internal systems and tools” while the investigation is ongoing.

Moreover, they promised to give more updates while continuing their investigation. 

Twitter’s Blacklist Conspiracy

Jason Koebler, Editor in Chief of Motherboard posted an article via Vice, discussing Twitter’s “blacklists”. 

A previous Vice article about the incident showed screenshots tagging accounts as “Trends Blacklist” or “Search Blacklist”, Koebler explained. 

Blacklists have been a very hot topic among conservatives, said the report. 

This is due to a 2018 tweet by Trump, claiming Twitter has been “shadow banning” Republicans, the report added.  

However, this is not the case with Twitter. 

Blacklists still let the poster’s followers see their tweets, said the Vice report. 

However, it prevents the post from trending, they said.


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