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Twitter Acquires Squad and Did Not Share Details About It

Squad's Logo next to the Twitter UI

What is Twitter’s plan with its Squad acquisition? Will we see a video chat on Twitter soon? 

Twitter recently announced it had purchased the video chat application, Squad, reports said. According to TechCrunch, Squad’s co-founders, Esther Crawford and Ethan Sutin, and the whole Squad team will be coming aboard Twitter’s various departments. In fact, its CEO, Crawford, will lead a product in the conversations place.

The acquisition came as a surprise, especially to its user base consisting mostly of young teenage girls. 

In fact, Squad’s usage rate increased by 1100% during the pandemic, that is why no one had foreseen the acquisition, per Somag News

Twitter, on the other hand, experienced an increase in its shares by about 60.5%.  

Squad Shuts Down? What is Happening? 

According to TechCrunch, Squad’s functionality looks like a natural fit for the service. However, it is not clear yet what Twitter will do with the Squad team and the app.

Also, there is no announcement yet on what the acquisition entails or if tech is part of it. However, Crawford shared through her Medium page that Twitter wants to leverage Squad’s expertise with videos and audio. 

She also shared that she hopes investors would put more money into investing in diverse teams due to the opportunities it offers. 

“Invest in women and people because we will make you money,” she said, per Tech Crunch.

The Squad team announced the shutdown of its app on December 12, 2020, after sharing the Twitter acquisition. They also shared a very cryptic line on the website, saying, “Goodbye, for now…”

Are We Gonna See More Twitter Innovation? 

Since Twitter has not announced yet, more details on the acquisition, we can only assume some parts of it. However, it seems Twitter is going to introduce more innovations as it moves forward, especially now during the pandemic. 

Just recently, Twitter has introduced in its platform, Twitter Fleets, an Instagram stories-like feature for disappearing tweets. 

The reason? Twitter shared they wanted to encourage more users to engage in discussions. 

With the new acquisition, we may see a new video chat feature with Twitter sooner or later. The possibility makes sense since video chatting has become more important to everyone during the pandemic because of the lockdowns and quarantines. 



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