The featured image is the Boston marathon bombing in 2013. The purpose is that the article focuses on the overturning of the death sentence of the bomber.

The Federal Court of Appeals overturned a death sentence ruling on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man convicted in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. 

Because of this, Tsarnaev will now undergo a new “penalty-phase trial,” the New York Times reported.

Errors on the 2015 Judgement

Tsarnaev was convicted and sentenced to death in 2015. 

However, the US Court of Appeals revoked this ruling. 

According to them, the presiding judge in the 2015 trial “did not meet the standard” set by the Patriarca Rule. 

The rule states that the judge must check on the jurors’ exposure to “pretrial publicity,” as per the decision. 

This is to ensure that the “core promise” of the criminal justice system on a fair trial will be upheld.  

Due to this, the court decided to “vacate” Tsarnaev’s death penalty sentence. 

Another error is letting three convictions against Tsarnaev stand as a “crime of violence.”

However, despite the overturn of Tsarnaev’s death sentence, he will “remain confined to prison” until his death, the Court clarifies.

Social Media Mishaps

The basis for overturning the death sentence is due to jurors’ failure to disclose their social media posts against Tsarnaev. 

The judge still included the jurors despite this information. 

Tsarnaev was “scum” and “trash,” Juror 138 posted in its Twitter account, as per another the New York Times report. 

Another juror retweeted posts about the bombing, some of them against Tsarnaev. 

Tsarnaev’s defense argued that the two jurors are already prejudiced against Tsarnaev. 

Survivors are Not Happy

Adrianne Haslet, a survivor from the Boston bombing, said she was “livid” with the recent Federal Court decision. 

Haslet lost one of her legs during the bombing and has since advocated for amputees. 

According to her, the death penalty should be used against Tsarnaev. 

“This terrorist admitted” to his crimes “against the country,” she wrote on her Instagram account. 

He also confessed their plan to bomb the City of New York, Haslet added. 

Haslet ended her statement that she’s “ready to testify again” against Tsarnaev. 

Another survivor, Rebekah Gregory also posted her disgust over the decision. 

According to her, overturning the death penalty sentence just “prolongs the nightmare” the survivors are living in since the bombing. 


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