Carlson next to Joe and Jill Biden

Tucker Carlson of Fox News continued his diatribe against the First-Lady-to-be Jill Biden Wednesday on the agency’s website.

On a video from Tucker Carlson’s program, he severely scrutinized Biden’s dissertation and her so-called status anxiety.

Biden earned her doctorate in education from the University of Delaware, according to Yahoo News.

Dissecting the Doctorate Dissertation

In the video, Carlson spared no effort in pointing out Biden’s writing blunders and her status anxiety.

Dr. Biden should wear “reading glasses”, either that or “she’s borderline illiterate,” Carlson insisted after he found “typos everywhere, including in the introduction.” 

He even added, Jill Biden can’t “write nor think very clearly, either.” 

Carlon insisted that the dissertation is “essentially pure nonsense, and is “just incredibly embarrassing.”

“It is our national shame,” Carlson so much as concluded.

A screengrab from Carlson's segment

The Op-Ed Bandwagon that Carlson Jumped on 

Wall Street Journal published an op-ed in early December that incited Carlson’s attack.

Joseph Epstein kicked off his commentary with: “Madame First Lady—Mrs. Biden—Jill—kiddo” on the WSJ website.

Epstein proceeded that the presidential wife might think of ditching the “Dr.” before her name.

Jill’s title, in fact, “sounds and feels fraudulent,” even comical, in Epstein’s opinion.

Epstein also cited an anonymous sage saying – only a person who has “delivered a child” is allowed to call himself,” Dr.”

To The Rescue 

The Washington Post reports that the op-ed rapidly went viral resulting in critics labeling it as a misogynist.

In fact, Northwestern University even distanced itself from the journalist who wrote it, per the Post.

Michelle Obama defended Biden by writing on her Instagram that women’s “accomplishments are met with skepticism, even derision.”

The former first lady added that even “after decades of work,” women are still “forced to prove” themselves constantly.

Michelle Obama asked whether this is “the example we want to set” for the upcoming generation.

Paul Gigot, from the WSJ, defended Epstein through an online piece, according to The Hill.

Gigot wrote that the Biden team is “playing the race or gender card to stifle criticism.”

Gigot also pointed out that Epstein criticized both men and women using the honorific without a medical degree, per the Hill.


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