Trump Wants Sports Back

US President Donald Trump encourages colleges to “get out there and play football” during his press conference on Tuesday. 

The President has been very vocal about his desire to see college football being played again. 

Last Monday, he even tweeted “Play College Football!” in his official Twitter account.

On Tuesday, Trump shared that along with safely reopening schools in the US, he was also hopeful about watching “colleges play football.” 

We want to get football in colleges,” he said.

He added that athletes, being “young” and “strong”, won’t have “big” problems with the “China virus.” 

Statistically, “most of them will never get it,” Trump assures the public. 

He also mentioned a kind of herd immunity that is bound to develop as COVID-19 cases keep on rising. 

A few days ago, some student-athletes, including Clemson University’s Trevor Lawrence launched a movement #WeWantToPlay to voice out their desire to continue the football season. 

Big Ten and Pac-12 Postpone its 2020 College Football Season

Fall is nearing and sports season is coming. 

However, two of the five power football conferences announced to suspend its conferences amid the pandemic.

Big Ten, followed by PAC 12, announced their postponement of college football on Tuesday.

Big Ten will be postponing its 2020-210 fall sports season, while Pac-12 decided to postpone all its sports competition until the end of 2020. 

The announcement, however, did not come as a surprise, as rumors of season cancellation have been going around recently. 

The Big Ten Conference shared that they relied on the counsel and medical advice of its experts on diseases and medicine. 

The Conference’s main “responsibility” is to make the best decision for its “students, faculty and staff,” said Big Ten’s Chair, Morton Schapiro.

Hours of discussions with its medical and disease experts made it clear that “there’s too much uncertainty” on “potential medical risks” if students continue to compete in fall, said Big Ten’s Commissioner, Kevin Warren. 

The Pac-12 made their announcement of postponement, shortly after the Big Ten announced theirs. 

According to them, they will consider returning to “impacted sports” in January 2021, when conditions improve. 

How About the Other Conferences?

After Big Ten and Pac 12’s announcement of its postponement, the focus shifted towards Big 12, ACC, and SEC.

Big 12, ACC, and SEC have decided to push through with its season and will be issuing a revised schedule soon. 

The Big 12 Conference plans to include additional protocols like heart imaging tests for its players who tested positive for COVID-19, Sports Illustrated reported. 

The decision to continue will be tough, said Cameron Wolfe, ACC’s medical advisory group chair and infectious disease expert. 

However, people “have to coexist with COVID,” Wolfe said, as reported by AJC. 

SEC Commissioner, Greg Sankey said in a statement that he “look forward to learning more about the factors that led the Big Ten and Pac-12” to their decisions. 

According to him, the SEC will “continue to refine” its policies and protocols for its student-athletes “safe return.” 


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