The attached picture is Donald Trump. At the back of him is the US flag. The reason is that the article talks about Trump who happen to suggests delaying the 2020 presidential election.

On Thursday morning, US President Donald Trump posted a question suggesting to delay the 2020 elections. 

According to Trump, 2020 would be the “most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history.”

According to him, this is due to mail-in voting

“Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote,” Trump wrote in his Twitter post. 

Trump’s Tweet on 2020 Election

The tweet came after news of Presidential aspirant, Joe Biden, showing him leading the polls for the Presidential Election.

Recently, Biden beat Trump by 4 points, in a poll in Florida, as per The Hill report. 

In 2012, Trump beat his former presidential rival, Hilary Clinton, by one percent in Florida, The Hill reported.

Trump’s Tweet Is A Breach Of Decorum

Trump’s suggestion to delay the election is an “extraordinary breach of decorum,” reported the New York Times. 

Delaying the election is not something he could do legally, as per the New York Times. 

This is due to an 1845 Federal law stating the election day is already fixed.

According to this law, elections should be held on Tuesday after the first Monday of November. 

An Experiment On Mail-In Voting 

Previously, Trump tweeted a video telling his followers to watch a “mail-in voting experiment.”

CBS News ran through the experiment, as per a WRDW report. 

The team sent 100 “mock ballots” to simulate voters in different parts of Philadelphia.

The following week, the team found 2 “missorted mails” in their pile. 

In addition, they only got 97 mails back out of the 100 sent. 

Unfounded Worries On Mail-In Voting

There is no proof of voter-fraud via mail-in voting, even from states using it, said an Associated Press report.

According to them, the five US states relying exclusively on mail-in voting use safeguards to ensure election security. 

A Stanford University study published in 2020, also concludes that mail-in voting does not affect different parties’ vote turnout. 

However, it “modestly increases” the average turnout rates of votes. 


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