Trump pointing at the distance beside an FBI uniform
A screengrab from a viral video showing the Biden-Harris bus

US President Donald Trump slams the FBI San Antonio on Sunday, in its effort to investigate the incident on Friday involving Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ campaign bus on Interstate 35 in Texas.

Trump’s tweet came after American journalist Tony Plohetski tweeted a short “record statement” from the FBI. 

According to reports, Trump supporters swarmed the campaign bus.

In fact, the incident resulted in canceling multiple Biden-Harris Texas events for safety concerns, per the Texas Tribune.

Trump wrote on Twitter his opinion that the people involved, which he calls “patriots,” “did nothing wrong.” 

Instead, he suggested that the FBI and the Justice should investigate “terrorists, anarchists, and agitators of ANTIFA” who he alleged “run around burning down” cities.

Biden campaign’s communication director in Texas condemned the act as “Trump supporters’” putting others “in harm’s way.”

He also said they’d rather harm than engage in a “productive conversation” for the US, per the Hill. 

Pointing Fingers

Different video shots of the incident became viral on Friday, showing the Biden-Harris bus surrounded by trucks sporting “Trump 2020” flags.

As a result, the incident resulted in different views from Trump and Biden supporters.

People also resulted in pointing fingers at who’s in the wrong or who’s in the right. 

In the video above, at around the 0:16 mark, a black truck was seen pushing a white SUV on the road. 

The president’s supporters found the video hilarious, saying Texans are escorting the bus out of Texas.

In fact, Trump tweeted a video on Saturday showing the incident from a different angle and wrote, “I LOVE TEXAS!”

Trump supporters also pointed out that the white SUV instigated a road attack against one of the Trump trucks and not the other way around. 

On the other hand, Biden supporters condemn the act as a show of intimidation.

In fact, an LGBT historian, Eric Cervini, who traveled to Texas to assist in the Biden-Harris campaign, shared the Trump supporters surrounding the bus “attempted to drive” the bus off the road. 

He added that many of whom are armed. 

Katie Naranjo, Democratic Chair of Travis County, tweeted that Trump supporters intimidated Biden supporters by following it “throughout central Texas” and even “ran into a person’s car.” 


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