The featured image is Trump who handles a blank executive order signed by him. The purpose is that he just signed executive orders to reduce drug prices.

US President Donald Trump recently signed four executive orders so that Americans can pay lower prices for prescription drugs.

On a Reuters video, Trump mentioned that he is aware that other nations are “getting a better deal on drug prices.”

The government is “doing healthcare” however in his opinion, “the price of drugs” should be given the priority “more than anything.” 

What Exactly Are the Four Executive Orders 

One, the US will legally import much more affordable prescription drugs from countries such as Canada.

Two, it will require discounts from pharmaceutical companies that are captured by middle to be given to patients.

Three, it will aim to lower insulin prices.

Four, it will require Medicare to purchase drugs at a similar price that other nations do.

However, the fourth measure, if the drug companies succeed at negotiating, may not take effect.

In an NYPost report, executives of big pharma companies will drop by at White House on Tuesday to argue. 

Trump however has warned them that the new rules will be implemented unless drug prices will be lowered remarkably.

Trump tweeted on Saturday: 

“Yesterday I signed four measures” that will tremendously “slash the prices of prescription drugs” in numerous instances “by more than 50%.”

He added that this is unprecedented “because the immense power of “Big Pharma” would not let it happen.” 

“ Insulin” that costs an arm and a leg will cost “virtual pennies.”

 “Biggest price reductions in history, by far!”

 “Nothing like this has ever for our citizens,” especially for the Senior citizens.


Pharma Companies’ Response 

Trump’s move was “a reckless distraction” that disrupts us from responding “to the current pandemic. 

Also, in responding to others “in the future,” Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America said in a statement according to a Reuters report.

On Friday, Trump also said that a healthcare bill is in the works but gave minimal details.


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