Trump Retweets

US President Donald Trump retweeted a video on Sunday, with one of his supporters in Florida shouting “white power” against other protesters, said a Reuters report.

The video shows protesters and supporters of Trump calling out against each other and exchanging profanities. 

A few seconds into the video, a supporter of Trump driving a golf cart began shouting “white power” at a protester. 

The term has a dark history behind it.

In fact, white supremacists commonly use it said Reuters. 

One of the protesters can be heard shouting at the Trump supporters saying they are, “Nazi” and “racist”. 

The video was apparently taken at The Villages, a retirement community in Florida. 

“Thank you to the great people of The Villages,” said Trump in his tweet. 

After a few hours, he deleted the tweet. 

The video was originally posted by a Twitter user, named “Fifty Shades of Whey”.

“President Trump is a fan of The Villages,” said Judd Deere, White House spokesperson. 

However, Trump did not hear the “white power” statement in the video and just heard the people’s explained Deere. 

The decision to Retweet the video happened in the midst of black lives matter campaign and protests against police brutality 

Tim Scott’s Reaction

CNN asked Senator Tim Scott about his reaction to Trump’s Tweet and the video. 

“There’s no question. He should not have retweeted it and he should just take it down,” Scott said. Furthermore, the video was offensive, he said.

“Certainly, the comment about the white power was offensive. 

Moreover, “We can play politics with it or we can’t. I’m not going to.”

Scott concluded with the words, “I think it’s indefensible, we should take it down.”

Racism Accusations

Trump’s term as the President of the United States has appeared to have encouraged “white supremacists and nationalists groups,” as per AP News.  

Lawmakers have also accused him of racism due to some of his tweets in the past, said Reuters. In fact, in the past, Trump commented about four women representatives of color, asking them to go back to their “crime-infested” country.


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