US President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to respond to former first lady, Michelle Obama’s, Democratic National Convention (DNC) speech after she called him “the wrong president” for the US.

On Monday, Democrats and several Republicans, including Ohio’s former governor, John Kasich, virtually gathered together to launch the four-day-long DNC event. 

During the event, speakers made a united plea against Trump and a united front to back up Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden. 

In his Twitter post, Trump wrote that he “would not be” in the White House if it weren’t for “the job done” by former US President, Barack Obama. 

He also added that “Biden was merely an afterthought,” citing Obama’s late “endorsement” of Biden.

In addition to his jab at Obama, he also claims that he and his administration “built the greatest economy” in US history and “saved millions of lives.”

Donald Trump

In a more recent tweet, Trump took a jab against Kasich, Ohio’s former governor, saying he tried to run for President but was “easy to beat.” 

Donald Trump Is The Wrong President – Michelle Obama

During her speech, Obama delivered a powerful political speech and, at some point, took a swipe at Trump’s presidency. 

According to her, Trump “has had more than enough time” to prove to Americans that he is right for the job. 

However, Trump “cannot meet this moment,” Obama said, and added that the president is “clearly in over his head.”

Obama also criticized Trump’s administering of the country, saying that the White House failed to provide stability. 

Instead, Trump divides the people, delivers “chaos,” and shows “utter lack of empathy,” Obama said. 

“Sadly, this is the America that is on display for the next generation,” she added.

She went on to explain that the nation now underperforms not only on “matters of policy” but also on “matters of character.”

Michelle Obama

Lastly, she urges Americans to practice their right to vote, 

According to Obama, “four years ago,” a considerable number of people “chose to believe that their votes didn’t matter.”

And people have been living with its “consequences” until now, she said. 


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