The featured image is the application TikTok. This is because the article is all about the statement of Trump that he plans to ban the app in United States.

US President Donald Trump reaffirms his statement on banning TikTok from the United States.

On Friday, Trump told reporters his plans about the popular Chinese application. 

Trump told the reporters, “we’re banning them(TikTok) from the United States.”

“Soon, immediately,” he added when asked about the timeline. 

This is not the first time the administration expressed its plan to prohibit the app in the country. 

Early this year, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the US is looking into banning Chinese apps in the country, including TikTok.

This is due to concerns about data privacy. 

Allegedly, CCP gets hold of Americans’ private information via the application. 

He also said that he has the authority to ban the app through an executive order. 

Another way is through the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, Bloomberg reported. 

Trump will sign the order on Saturday, he said. 

Microsoft’s Possible TikTok Acquisition

The image attached is Microsoft. The purpose is that allegedly it has in talks with regards to TikTok acquisition.

News of Microsoft acquiring TikTok’s US business has been going around recently.  

Microsoft is allegedly in “advanced talks” with TikTok, said the Wall Street Journal.

However, it seems that Microsoft is not the only company looking into acquiring ByteDance’s video-sharing app. 

There might be other US companies who want to buy TikTok, Mike Isaac from the New York Times told CNBC.

Isaac did not specify which US companies these are. 

However, those companies would probably want the social media space TikTok is in control of right now. 

Isaac added that even Facebook feels threatened with TikTok’s success and its fast growth. 

Furthermore, Microsoft’s possible acquisition of TikTok might appease the administration in its attack against the video-sharing app, Isaac said. 

This is if Microsoft can make certain “assurances” on the app’s data security.

Moreover, Microsoft’s possible acquisition of TikTok might open up bigger competition in the US’ social media giants, Isaac added. 


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