US President Donald Trump denounced he had “mini-strokes” in his tweet on Tuesday.

“There were no mini-strokes,” Trump wrote in his tweet. 

He also denounces a CNN article talking about Mike Pence assuming presidential powers, from a book written by New York Times journalist, Michael Schmidt.

He also called the CNN report, “phony” and “fake news.” 

In his book, Schmidt talks about Trump’s unannounced visit to Walter Reed hospital in November last year, as per a CNN report. 

Schmidt claims in his book that “word went out in the West Wing,” that Vice President Mike Pence was on standby to “temporarily assume the powers of the presidency” at the time Trump visited the hospital. 

“The visit to Walter Reed” Trump said in his tweet, “was to complete” his yearly physical visit. 

He also added that he had with him a “full press pool” and it was a “short visit.” 

Pence also denies he was asked to be on “standby” during an interview with Fox News on Wednesday. 

According to him, there was “nothing out of the ordinary” that day, and only recalls he was “informed” about Trump’s “doctor’s appointment.”  

In November 2019, Trump went to the Walter Reed hospital and was not seen by the public for two days. 

The White House clarified that it was just Trump’s yearly routine visit to the hospital. 

Trump’s Tweet Exacerbated The Rumors

Schmidt answered Trump’s another tweet about “mini-strokes” via a retweet on Tuesday. 

The “book says nothing about mini-strokes,” Schmidt wrote in his tweet. 

“Nor did my tweet,” replied and seconded Joe Lockhart, press secretary of former president Bill Clinton. 

This is in relation to a White House correspondent, Peter Alexander’s report that Trump is responding to Lockhart’s tweet, as per CNBC

Moreover, according to NBC, no major media seem to have reported about the rumor of Trump having mini-strokes. 

A Vox journalist, Aaron Rupar tweeted that he was also unsure about Trump’s rumored “mini-strokes.” 

However, Trump’s “14th-time” denial of it convinced him.


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