US President Donald Trump was in California on Monday to discuss wildfire efforts of the state with state officials and Cal Fire.

Trump visited California to cheer and honor first responders and troops through a ceremony. 

In a video shared by the Hill, one California officers can be heard giving Trump a briefing on the current climate situation in California. 

CA Secretary for Natural Resources, Wade Crowfoot, told Trump that the state wants to work with him on climate change issues. 

“We wanna work with you to recognize the changing climate,” says Crowfoot. 

“What it means to our forests” and “work together with that science.”

Crowfoot went on to explain that science is “going to be the key” in protecting Californians. 

He also added that working on California’s climate problem is not all about vegetation management. 

After Crowfoot explained California’s situation, Trump gave a short reply. 

“Ok. It’ll start getting cooler,” he answered. 

“You just watch.” 

Donald Trump

Crowfoot jokingly answered the President, “I wish science agrees with you.”

“I don’t think science knows, actually,” said Trump.  

The recent fires in the West coast have destroyed neighborhoods and burned properties.

Recently, air quality in those areas has also deteriorated. 

Moreover, the West coast fires have already claimed 35 lives, per the Guardian

The Trump administration approved the California Disaster Declaration in August. 

Trump “ordered Federal aid to supplement” California and its local efforts in assisting areas affected by the wildfires. 

Biden Begs To Differ

On the same day, Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, also addressed climate change in Wilmington, Delaware.

“American’s inaction to climate change caused climate devastation in different areas”, Biden said.

Biden also said that climate issues are “not a partisan phenomena: it’s science.”

Moreover, Biden also called Trump a “climate arsonist” and called him out for denying climate change.”


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