Roger Stone, US President Donald Trump’s friend,political adviser was spared a long time in prison after Trump’s commutation on his prison sentence on Friday. 

The Court has convicted him of lying to Congress during an investigation.

This is due to the Russia’s intrusion into the 2016 election.

Trump allegedly conspired with Russia to win the 2016 election. 

Trump took to Twitter to defend Stone.

He said that an “illegal Witch Hunt” has targeted Roger Stone.

He also pointed out that the “other side” are the criminals, which includes “Biden and Obama”. 

They, “spied” on his campaign, he said.

The President made his move, days before Stone’s first day to report for his prison sentence.

The Democrats condemned the president for sabotaging the rule of law. 

“There are two systems of justice now in America,” said California representative, Adam Schiff. 

“One for the criminal friends of the president,” he said. “And one for everybody else.”

Moreover, his other critics are not happy with the decision.

“Trump has made a mockery of our Constitution, values & way of life,” said former CIA director, John Brennan. 

“Trump has disgraced the office as no previous occupant has come close to doing,” said Max Boot, CNN Analyst.

In addition, “He is not just colossally incompetent. He is also thoroughly corrupt”.  

The image of Trump symbolizes his commutation to Roger Stone sentence.

Already Set

Stone has been very vocal about his desire for a “pardon or commutation” as per the Associated Press.

Also, he was supposed to report to prison on Tuesday. 

However, Trump called him on Friday to inform him that he’s clear, Stone told the Associated Press. 

Trump told Stone that he had decided to “issue a full commutation” of Stone’s sentence, he said. 

“He urged me to vigorously pursue my appeal and my vindication,” Stone told the Associated Press via phone. 

He was celebrating with his friends in Florida when the phone interview happened.


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