US President Donald Trump acknowledged in a March interview with journalist Bob Woodward that he played the virus down for the sake of not creating panic among the public, reports said.

The conversation was included in Woodward’s upcoming book, “Rage.”

In another interview with Woodward in February, Trump was also quoted saying the virus is “deadly stuff”, and “more deadly” than “strenuous flus.” 

The statement was a long way from his early statements about the virus, saying, “it is very much under control.”

It also appears that Trump knew the virus can be transmitted through the air. 

“You just breathe the air,” Trump said, citing his talk with China’s President, Xi Jinping. 

“That’s how it’s passed,” he explained. 

In his March interview with Woodward, Trump shared that the virus affects both the old and the young.

Trump Is US’ Cheerleader

Trump admitted the fact during a Press Conference on Wednesday.

One of the reporters on Wednesday asked Trump if he “mislead the public” by downplaying the virus. 

Trump answered: “perhaps that’s so.”

The President explained he is “a cheerleader” for the country and he does not want to frighten the people and create panic.

This revelation enraged a lot of people. 

Trump then went on and compared the US to other countries, saying the US has done “an amazing job” in terms of ventilators, “masks and gowns” and maintaining its prices at an affordable price. 

A Betrayal Of People’s Trust

In recent counts, the US reported more than 6 million cases of COVID-19, and more than 190,000 deaths due to it.

Jamie Gangel calls the act “a betrayal” of American people’s trust. 

“He knew,” she said.

She added, the US could have done something in as early as February. 

Woodward is not safe from the criticisms of withholding information. 

He was also accused of putting more importance on book sales than the public’s safety. 

Woodward defended himself in a phone interview with the Associated Press

“Is it true?” he asked himself of the information that Trump told him. 

He also pointed out Trump’s reputation of saying “things that don’t check out.”

According to Woodward, as per AP, it is his job to determine “What did he know, and when did he know it.” 


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