The attached image is Tom Hanks and his wife. The purpose of the picture is to show that the article is about the two becoming Greek citizens.

Forrest Gump’s main star, Tom Hanks and his wife, Sleepless in Seattle star Rita Wilson are now officially Greek citizens.

Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis posted a photo on Instagram with Hanks and Wilson, holding their new Greek passports. 

Wilson and Hanks “are now proud Greek citizens!” he wrote. 

Greece’s President Prokopis Pavlopoulos signed a document last year, making Hanks an honorary citizen of Greece, said an Associated Press report. 

The order includes Hanks and his family. 

In January 2020, Hanks even posted a tweet showing his pride in being an honorary citizen of the country.

“Starting 2020 as an Honorary citizen of all of Greece!” he wrote. 

“Kronia pola! (more or less, “happy year!”)”, and signed the tweet with, “Hanx”. 

The two spend a lot of their vacations in Greece, specifically in Antiparos, as per a USA Today report. 

Hanks owns a property on the island, said Greece’s Prime Minister in an interview. 

Wilson is part Greek while Hanks is a Greek Orthodox convert. 

Greek Law on Citizenship

Greek Citizenship Law’s Article 8 states, a “foreigner who offered Greece special service” can be “naturalised” per a “Presidential order”. 

A person whose “naturalisation will serve exceptional Greek interest” can also be naturalised via the same order. 

Last year, the couple shared an important Greek issue to the international media, Mitsotakis told CNN in a report. 

Aside from that, Hanks also “promotes Greece” via his regular summer visits and films produced in Greece, he added. 

Endless Love for Greece

Early this year, Hanks announced his love for the country during the 2020 Globe Awards, as per another CNN report. 

The Green Mile actor has been a “Hellenic” for the majority of 32 years now, Hanks told the reporters.

He also called the country a “haven” and he believes that nothing compares to it. 

“It’s a healing place,” he said.


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