The TikTok saga continues through a new federal ruling. 

The famous short video sharing application, TikTok is on a reprieve after a federal judge in Columbia impeded US President Donald Trump’s order, NPR reported. 

The move came hours before Trump’s order was set to go into effect. 

Judge Carl Nichols of Columbia’s US District Court ordered to hold the ban.

The Judge’s ruling only includes allowing the application to still be available in US application stores, per the Guardian.

However, Nichols did not allow a request to extend the President’s Executive Order against the famous app.

Trump’s EO aims to fully ban the Chinese app if it cannot sell its US operations to a US company.

According to NPR, TikTok’s lawyers argued that Trump’s crackdown on TikTok violated “free speech and due process.” 

One of TikTok’s lawyers, attorney John Hall, compared the app to a “modern version of the town square,” per NPR. 

Shutting the short video sharing app down would be like stifling freedom of speech, per Hall.

The video-sharing giant also released a statement on the recent ruling and shared it will continue its legal fight. 

According to a TikTok spokesperson, the company will “continue defending” its rights for its “community and employees.” 

Also, TikTok will continue its dialogue with the US government on its proposal that was publicly approved by Trump last week. 

TikTok is working to turn the proposal into an agreement. 

Recently, reports said that Oracle and Walmart will buy TikTok’s US operations.

However, the Chinese government released a statement early this month that it does not want to sell TikTok to any US company. 

The US Government will Comply with the Ruling

The US Department of Commerce released a statement after the ruling on TikTok. 

According to the statement, the “government will comply with the injunction”, and it has now “taken immediate steps” to do it. 

However, the Department also shared it will “vigorously defend the EO” and the Department Secretary, Wilbur Ross’ implementation efforts from legal challenges.” 


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