Alleged “collapse” of the Tijuana sewage system led to the contamination of its adjacent beach across the border in Imperial Beach in San Diego County, to the dismay of beachgoers.

It is believed the cross-border sewage that flows from Tijuana River has worsened over the past six months. The river releases 60 million of gallons of water downstream in a day.

As this develops, San Diego County recently reopens the beaches to the public after weeks of lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

As most beaches in the county reopened, Imperial Beach has faced an odd case as it opens the beaches to the public and posted an off-limits sign for its waters.

This led Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina to accused Tijuana of neglecting its sewage system, according to reports of KPBS.

“The entire sewer system of Tijuana has collapsed,” said Dedina, “And it appears there is absolutely no effort underway in Mexico, on the part of the US federal government, the Trump administration, to actually move forward and ask for emergency repairs so that we don’t endure an entire summer of polluted beaches.”

San Diego County officials are asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to approve spending on a new diversion system and a sewage plant upgrade.


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