As Mexico extended the suspension of non-essential activities until May 30, Tijuana residents are on a scavenger hunt for beers.

Folks from Tijuana are resorting to many ways beat their craving for beers, said The San Diego Union-Tribune report.

There are groups created on Facebook to notify users where there is beer in Tijuana, according to the report.

While others go old fashioned and went store to store to hunt where beers were once available.

Smart & Final branch manager Raúl Rodríguez said they first resorted to limiting the number of pieces sold per customers, but warned they will eventually run out of inventory.

He added that there are no guarantees that their beer inventory will be resupplied.

The report added that it is now regular to see the space on the shelves that were previously beer is being used to display other products.

This is also the trend in different groceries and stores.

Gina Villalobos, president of the National Chamber of Small Commerce (Canacope) in Tijuana, said some of them the sale of beer represents more than half of their income.

When the Mexican government suspended all non-essential activities, companies like as Grupo Modelo and Heineken abided and ceased operations further cutting the supplies.

The report said, an estimated 65 million Mexicans drink beer, with an annual consumption of 68 liters per person, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi). 


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