Tiger Woods said he aimed to set a new PGA Tour records, according to a BBC report.

Woods said there is “no reason” why he cannot make PGA Tour history this week with a win.

Ultimately, Woods is eyeing for his 83rd PGA Tour win that would eclipse Sam Snead’s mark of 82, set in 1965.

Woods said:

“I would like to say that I’m going to win the event.

That’s my intent coming in, that’s my intent going into every event.”

He won the tournament a record five times, said the report.

Tiger Woods

Beating Snead’s Record

If Woods wins this week, he will beat Snead’s record that he garnered for a span of 30 golfing career.

Both Woods and Snead had a total of 82 wins in the PGA Tour.

Meanwhile, Woods is only 24 years in his career as a golfer and has even it out with Snead already.

Snead was born in 1912 and died in 2002. He was golfing since 1936 to 1965.

In comparison, Woods got PGA Tour 15 majors wins while Snead got 7 wins.

It is worth noting, no one comes close to both Woods’ and Snead’s record is too old or had died.

The closest will be Phil Mickelson who currently have 44 PGA Tour wins.

Also, Mickelson is five years older than Woods.

Reason For Missing Out

Woods explained the reason for missing out on other golfing match during the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I just felt it was better to stay at home and be safe.

I’m used to playing with lots of people around me.

That puts not only myself in danger but my friends and family.

He added:

“That’s something that I looked at and said, ‘I’m really not quite comfortable with that whole idea,

“Let’s see how it plays out first’.”

It Needs Getting Used To

Moreover, he admitted he has been intrigued by events without fans and it will need some getting used to.

He said:

“To have no yelling, no screaming, no energy, the social distancing, no handshakes, there’s nothing to feed off of energy-wise.”

“It’s just a silent and different world.”


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