The white house divided by the shades of blue and red

It seems that foreign entities are using the old tactic of “Divide and Conquer,” used by generals and conquerors of the old to bring the US down from the inside.

Especially now during the elections.

Local Smear Campaigns Loaded with Foreign Interference

As the elections are nearing, so are smearing campaigns and disinformation tactics.

Perhaps, they came both from the Trump and Biden campaign but, especially from foreign interference. 

In fact, in August, top intelligence official, William Evanina warned that China, Iran, and Russia will use “covert and overt” influences against voters to increase discord, and “undermine” citizens’ confidence in the US democratic process.

Recently, the New York Post shared a story against former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. 

The Post and US President Donald Trump’s camp alleges that Hunter, during his businesses with the Ukrainian company Burisma, made use of his father’s influence to ingratiate himself with its head. 

Democratic Representative, Adam Schiff, claims it was a product of the Russian disinformation campaign.

However, Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, denies it is true.

Also, he said in a statement that the intelligence community does not have any hand on the younger Biden’s laptop. 

The FBI, on the other hand, is still mum about their findings. 

Another is the recent report about Iran sowing fear among American voters. 

According to recent reports, Democrat voters from Florida and Alaska are getting threatening emails.

Those emails allegedly came from the Proud Boys with a note to “Vote for Trump or else!” per an NPR report.

The sender also claims to know the voter’s personal information because they have gained access to “the entire voting infrastructure.”

However, according to Ratcliffe, those emails are from a foreign entity, Iran, per the Daily Wire. 

The purpose is to “intimidate voters and incite social unrest,” Ratcliffe said. 

A woman being bombarded by devices to spread information

Destruction From the Inside

Foreign efforts to interfere wanted to sow in people distrust against the system and institutions of the country, their local leaders, and opposing ideologies.

On some level, they seem to be working, given the current political climate in the country now. 

Moreover, foreign entities need not effort much due to the current divide and animosity against differing political views. 

They can just make use of the current stage to further their agenda of increasing discord and let the citizens amplify it.   

In fact, according to NPR’s National Security correspondent, Greg Myre, Russia has been doing that. 

How? By planting a narrative to an influential individual and then letting them amplify it.

Moreover, a lot of people will choose not to believe a story that is different from their own beliefs.

That is advantageous for meddling foreign entities who wants to further chaos. 

For example, Ratcliffe and Schiff’s different claims on Hunter Biden’s case are problematic and increases discord and confusion between citizens.

The two are connected to the intelligence community.

However, Democrats might not believe Ratcliffe who accuses Schiff of politicizing Intelligence, while Republicans might not believe Schiff who is a Democrat. 

Another thing, sowing distrust against the voting system is already being promoted by the President himself many times in his Twitter posts. 

In addition, his reported disregard for intelligence, which can greatly affect decision making in protecting the country from malicious foreign interference. 


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