The attached image are Hong Kong nationals. The purpose is that the article is about 5 countries condemning Hong Kon's postponement of election.

The British government released a joint statement, co-signed by Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, and the UK, condemning Hong Kong’s “postponement” of its “Legislative Council elections.”

On Hong Kong’s Election Postponement 

Recently, the Hong Kong government announced the postponement of its elections, originally scheduled in September. 

The election will be held after one year.

The reason, according to the official announcement, is due to a possible “new wave” of coronavirus. 

However, Hong Kong and Beijing governments’ critics beg to differ. 

The move has elicited condemnation from critics after its announcement. 

One of them, Joshua Wong, a prominent Hong Kong activist and former Secretary-General of Demosisto, told Opoyi that, Beijing fears “defeat” in Hong Kong. 

According to him, Beijing is scared of another “election fiasco” after pro-democracy activists won by “landslide” in last year’s council election. 

China also fears Hong Kong citizen’s firm resolve for democracy. 

Weeks ago, around “610,000 Hongkongers” challenged the new National Security Law via the “primary election,” Wong said. 

Joshua Wong is one of the critics who condemn the postponement of Hong Kong election.
Joshua Wong

Condemning China, and Hong Kong’s “Erosion of Rights”

The UK government released the statement, signed by the four countries’ foreign minister and US’ Secretary of State on Sunday.

It is worth noting, that the US Department of State also published an earlier statement, condemning Hong Kong’s election postponement.

According to the five state’s statement, they are “gravely concerned” by Hong Kong’s “unjust disqualification of candidates” and unreasonable postponement of its elections. 

The move, according to them, undermines Hong Kong’s “democratic process,” which has been crucial to Hong Kong’s “stability and prosperity.”

Aside from the postponement of Hong Kong’s legislative elections, the countries also “express deep concern” on Hong Kong’s new National Security Law.

This law is destroying Hong Kong’s “fundamental rights and liberties,” the statement says.

The National Security Law was imposed by Beijing on Hong Kong, one month ago. 

The statement concluded, with a plea to the Hong Kong government, urging them to hold the elections immediately. 


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