Actor John Krasinski hosted an online prom in his youtube channel Some Good News (SGN) for teenagers who are disappointed that prom night is canceled due to the global pandemic coronavirus.  

In his segment: What did I miss? Krasinski said “There is so much we are missing during this crazy time from sporting events to concerts, birthday parties to weddings. But this week there is one thing most kids are missing more than anything else: prom.” 

He added that he was touched by the story of Marley Rogers after she and his father posted online that they were dancing in complete prom attire.  

“There is one girl in particular that stole our hearts because when she found out that prom was canceled she thought she will be okay. Her dad begged to differ,” said the comedian.  

He called Marley on Zoom and insisted on seeing her parents and talked to her father Robby.  

“It was truly my favorite story this week and that’s why I am calling you, but I’m also calling to tell you I was completely inspired by you guys and especially you Robby (the father). So I don’t know if you heard but I’m gonna throw prom for every kid in the world tonight,” said Krasinski.  

His first guest was co-star “The Office” costar, Rainn Wilson warned Krasinski that he can not just host prom and play music due to copyright issues.  

So Krasinski introduced Wilson to artists who accepted his invitations to sing in this organized prom, namely: Chance the Rapper, Billie Eilish and The Jonas Brothers.  

Over a million of viewers tuned in during his live online broadcast.  


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