I was watching ‘The Truman Show’ recently.

That film in which the life of Jim Carrey turns out to be a reality TV show.

I started to wonder, what would that be like?

Having every moment of your life documented, for the whole world to see.

No privacy, no moments of peace, sounds like a living hell, right?

Well, it’s something which is sought out these days by hundreds upon thousands of wannabe, DIY “celebrities”, normally through social media.

Of course, just like the movie asks, ‘How is this going to end?’

Of course, there are some differences between this movie and our reality, but it seems that there are some similarities.

Those who identify as ‘influencers’ not only want nothing more than to have their own show but the amount of product placement we see within content created by influencers, in hindsight, it does seem like The Truman Show was some kind of prophecy considering when the movie came out.

What Is An Influencer?

They can be categorized by size and content.

Over the past five years, we have seen the awesome power that can be wielded by a person with a camera, a computer/smartphone, and a decent internet connection.

The ones we have come to know without even seeing their content, normally make their content for YouTube, like PewDiePie, who for some inexplicable reason, have made a career essentially filming himself playing video games.

The enjoyment of watching these videos is beyond me, but, I can say, he has the second most subscribed YouTube channel in the world right now, behind T-Series, an Indian record label which seems to actually be releasing real art, rather than somewhat benign, uncreative content.

This is one of the very few success stories which do seem to happen from YouTube fame.

What happens to the rest of those channels with less than 40,000 subscribers?

Being what would be considered a ‘young man’ whilst writing this article, I can tell you a lot of stories of these influencers with a small number of followers.

I have heard stories of people having these ‘influencer parties’ in which they get together and essentially have a night of ‘networking’.

Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds…

A lot of people, getting together to brag about the number of subscribers or followers they have on their social media platform of choice.

The funny thing is, when asked about what their content is about, they’re not really sure.

Without sounding too much like someone who is out of touch with the kids, what I’ve come to understand is that these people seem to mark success as having a certain number of likes on their properly lighted, well-angled selfies. 

 A lot of fancy titles are used by these people; ‘lifestyle guru’, ‘fashion blogger’ (you get the picture), which is somewhat comical, when someone who has barely lived two decades is giving this kind of advice.

I won’t rant about this too much, as when I was their age, who knows how I would’ve reacted with this amount of power at my fingertips.

However, am I the only one seeing the somewhat insidious side of having so many uninformed people with such influence over marketing trends, economic trends, and even society as we know it? 

I will say one thing, though.

Before preaching to your audience, like Jim Jones in front of the Peoples’ Temple, please make sure you have actually lived some life outside of your technological device.

Don’t be afraid, the world isn’t just murder, hate crimes, AIDs, cancer, terrorists, and the Kardashians.

You may not change the world with one post, but remember, the planet will keep on spinning, even if you didn’t take a picture of your last meal.


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