Laura Bailey, voice actress of various animated and game characters posted disturbing death threats on her Twitter account on Friday. 

Fans of the famous PlayStation game series, “The Last of Us” took to Twitter and bombarded Bailey with death threats. 

This also includes her family. 

Bailey Tweeted about the death threats she is getting from people, along with screenshots of them.  


In the famous game’s sequel, “The Last of Us Part II”, Bailey plays Abby who killed the protagonist of the original game. 

A lot of fans were not happy, and blamed Bailey for their favorite’s death. 

Laura Bailey is known for voicing other iconic character such as Trunks from Dragon Ball Z and the Black Widow in some Marvel animated shows.


Social Media Reaction

A lot of people found the threats disgusting and outrageous. 

People are flabbergasted with the reactions, as it is a fictional character’s fault that another fictional character died.  

Neil Druckmann, Vice President of the company who made “The Last of Us” series aired his thoughts on the death threats.  

Craig Mazin, screenwriter who worked on films and series such as Chernobyl and Hangover II wrote a message supporting Bailey. 

Cyberbullying and Harassment in Gaming 

In 2019, ADL, an anti-hate organization posted a report on cyberbullying and harassment in relation to gaming.

The findings showed that 88% of adults who play games in the US reported positive interactions online. 

However, what is alarming is, 74% of adults who play online games also experience harassment of some sort.  

Furthermore, 65% experience more severe forms of harassment, such as physical threats, stalking and sustained harassment. 

“Video games are an important and extremely popular form of entertainment,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of ADL. “Nearly two-thirds of US adults play games online, yet there are significant problems with hate, harassment and discrimination.” 

Greenblatt also discussed the importance of creating a safer space for people involved in games. 

It is “imperative for industry leaders and policymakers” to prevent this “poisonous ecosystem” from “causing additional harm”, Greenblatt concluded. 


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