The Niel Degrasse Tyson Meme next to a graphic of the conjunction

For the first time in 800 years, humans worldwide witnessed the great conjunction of two planets, Jupiter and Saturn, reports said. NASA calls it the great conjunction because their closeness now is rather unusual. Moreover, the occurrence creates an illusion that there are only one giant and a bright star in the sky. Although the hype about the two planets is only recent, Jupiter and Saturn have actually been near each other throughout the year. 

Although conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn happens every twenty years, this year is different. Thus the reason for being “great.”

Star of Bethlehem? 

The event has elicited different reactions from people, which is mostly positive or superstitious. For example, some have even connected it to the nativity story. In Christianity’s nativity story, three magis saw a very bright star and followed it until they saw Jesus.

Moreover, since the event occurs at Christmas, some people, especially German Astronomer Johannes Kepler, tried linking the event to the Star of Bethlehem

However, despite the great conjunction’s timing, modern astronomers say it is impossible. Although some conjunction may have happened then, timing-wise, it does not align with biblical scholars’ suggested year of Jesus’ birth. 

Another artistic representation of the conjunction

Black Twitter Claims the Event, with Memes

Black Twitter has also been hyping December 21 and the astronomical event. The reason? A running joke saying Black’s will gain power during the occurrence. The joke started on December 5. A Twitter user, @Lottidot, tweeted that on the 21st, Black people “will be able to do things that” people thought were fiction. 

Since then, Black Twitter has been posting memes about it. 

For example, Twitter user @TYRISPRINT, posted an image of his nephew and niece getting their “superpowers.” 

Twitter user Eunique says she “had to soak some Epsom salt” to activate her powers. 


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